Acrylic Prints


Acrylic Prints

The Upscale Alternative to Traditional Photo Framing

Also called face-mounting, Plexiphoto mounting is a specialized process that bonds your photographic image to acrylic, also called plexiglass. The result is a rich, luscious wet look that optimizes color saturation, contrast and sharpness. Your photo gains a fresh new visual dimension you cannot duplicate with any other method.

Stunning Look Superior Protection

You’re not just enhancing your image; you’re protecting it in a way frames simply can’t. PlexiPhoto mounting creates an airtight seal over the entire surface, protecting your photograph from damage, finger smudges, dust, scratches, and atmospheric degradation like UV rays. The Plexi thickness can even be adjusted to fit a variety of designs.

The reverse side of your print is affixed to an aluminum backing to ensure the image lays perfectly flat and is protected even more; adding a lovely three-dimensional floating image effect when viewed from the front and sides. No wonder art galleries and museums trust PlexiPhoto to protect their displays.

Your photo is sandwiched between an extra-durable plexiglass shield and aluminum back support. A beautiful way to showcase your image and protect it from damage with an airtight seal.

Acrylic Displays is invaluable…yet invisible

A clean modern look that fits anywhere and goes everywhere. Most acrylic displays are crystal-clear so it’s your product or collateral that takes center stage. The display fixture “disappears” into the background and never competes for attention offering protection without compromise. The polished, professional aesthetic of acrylic always livens up any business environment. The lightweight design is easily disassembled so you can transport it anywhere!

Acrylic Displays

Acrylic, or plexiglass displays are true workhorses in the merchandising and sales industry. You will not find another fixture that offers you a polished, professional look, combined with rugged durability at such economical prices. No wonder acrylic continues to be a top choice for leading merchandisers, sales teams, and executives to exhibit their products.

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