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Our Screaming Color team is extremely appreciative of our customers’ continued loyalty and support over the years. We are equally thankful that we have the chance to give back wholeheartedly to the communities that have supported us.

We support a variety of organizations that provide shelter, medical help and care to children and the elderly in underprivileged countries. Each of the causes featured here are doing extraordinary work to help those in need.

We have personally visited every one of these institutions to collaborate on their needs for food, medicine, and other support.

We personally assure you each is a heroic cause, worthy of your support.

We list them here, in hopes that visitors may join us in supporting their urgent needs, in any way possible.

Light and Life Association is a nonprofit organization legally incorporated on May 13, 1987 in Panama City, founded by Monsignor Romulo Emiliani and a group of people concerned about the plight of the elderly who have been stranded and living as homeless on the streets.

Nutre Hogar, Panama

Nutre Hogar provides critical nutrition for preschool children in Panama.

Nutre Hogar provides critical nutrition for preschool children in Panama.

Mission Child is a Christian non-profit, 501 (c) 3 based in the United States.
This movement was born as a response to the urgent need to provide an effective solution to the serious problem of extreme poverty that plagues Latin America and the Caribbean, and keeps hundreds of thousands of children and young people trapped in a world of misery..

Our goal is to offer an education that will enable them intellectually, emotionally and heal them spiritually lift, which is the key that opens the door to a new world full of opportunities and push them to achieve their dreams. By investing in the lives of these children are changing not only their future but the future of our society.

Be a Volunteer- help
Are you eager to help?. Your time, your gifts and talents are of great help in our organization. For more information write to or contact us today to 305-273-1595.

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Children’s Hospital of Panama

Donations to the Children’s Hospital of Panama benefit pediatric research and care efforts to help sick children.

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Proveer servicios de atención pediátrica con énfasis en la solución de problemas de alta complejidad y fomentar la salud física, mental y social de la niñez, mediante la atención integral con equidad, calidad y calidez, la docencia y la investigación promoviendo y respetando los lineamientos de la Convención Internacional de los Derechos del Niño.


Ser el Hospital líder en la atención pediátrica, la docencia y la investigación en el país y a nivel regional, fortaleciendo la excelente imagen comunitaria e incrementando la mística y el amor de nuestros funcionarios por su hospital mediante una gestión eficiente y equitativa, manteniendo la autonomía administrativa que nos otorga la ley a través del Patronato que nos rige.


* Proveer atención pediátrica con prioridad en la solución de los problemas de salud de alta complejidad
* Fortalecer el liderazgo nacional y alcanzarlo a nivel regional en la atención , la docencia y la investigación en el campo de la pediatría.
* Fomentar las acciones de promoción de salud pediátrica con los usuarios y la comunidad organizada
* Dotar al Hospital de nuevas estructuras físicas y equipamiento para la atención, la investigación y la docencia.
* Fortalecer el rol del hospital como la instancia de tercer nivel de atención por medio de la integración y coordinación de acciones con la red pública y privada de los servicios de salud manteniendo siempre la autonomía que nos otorga la ley.
* Participar en la formulación y evaluación de las políticas dirigidas a la salud del menor
* Fortalecer la gestión autónoma del Hospital incrementando la eficiencia administrativa, la autogestión y la captación de nuevas fuentes financiera siempre bajo la guía del Patronato.
* Promover acciones tendientes al mejoramiento continuó y el reconocimiento de los méritos de los funcionarios
* Mantener de forma satisfactoria la bioseguridad, ambientes de trabajo seguros, las instalaciones y equipos funcionando eficientemente.
* Dotar al Hospital de un moderno sistema de comunicación e información para el registro, procesamiento y análisis de datos clínicos, estadísticos y administrativos; para la Atención de pacientes, la Gerencia, Docencia y la Investigación.

Asociacion Luz y Vida

Asociacion Luz y Vida, established in 1987, cares for Panama’s elderly who have been abandoned by their families.

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Light and Life Association is a nonprofit organization legally incorporated on May 13, 1987 in Panama City, founded by Monsignor Romulo Emiliani and a group of people concerned about the plight of the elderly who have been stranded and living as homeless on the streets

How we started

On May 13, 1987 came the Light and Life Association in the City of Panama, Monsignor Romulo Emiliani inspired by seeing the suffering of the unfortunate elderly living on the streets of Panama.. The work began with the coming round every Monday for the Church National Shrine of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and touring cars in several areas of Calidonia, Santa Ana and the Public Market. In these locations were given food, medical care and spiritual guidance to the abandoned elderly.

After two years of consecutive work, the archbishop of that time Archbishop Marcos Gregorio McGrath won the Light and Life Association an old house in the neighborhood of San Felipe for will found our first home for the elderly.

He immediately began fundraising activities for the restoration of that property and with great efforts and donations from the community home was equipped with beds, dining tables, kitchen utensils, including with the aim of assisting elderly residents to fifty.

We were in these facilities for 20 years but this property was built in 1915 required us too much repair costs. For these reasons, we felt the need to sell the property and start the project of building a new home located in Paradise, areas reversed.


  1. To provide the elderly a balanced diet with supervision of nutritionists and through counseling.
  2. Monitor and address the physical and emotional health with regular medical visits.
  3. Improving your self-esteem and spiritual status through activities recreational, religious services, participation in sports activities etc …
  4. Undertake projects and activities to raise funds for the maintenance of households and elderly residents.
  5. Maintaining motivation among donors so that

Bolivar Asylum

Donations to the Bolivar Asylum directly benefit about 240 sick and needy elderly residents by providing food, clothing and appliances to those who find refuge there.

Donations to the Bolivar Asylum directly benefit about 240 sick and needy elderly residents by providing food, clothing and appliances to those who find refuge there.

SOS Childrens Village International

SOS Children’s Village International works with disadvantaged families.

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SOS Children’s Village International works with disadvantaged families to prevent crises that can lead to family separation by offering support, teaching skills, and building caring, positive relationships in both foster families and within the children’s family of origin. They work together with communities to develop or improve local education and health infrastructure. In some cases, running kindergartens, day-cares, schools and vocational training centers, as well as medical facilities.

SOS Children’s Villages’ activities in the country

It was in the early 1980’s that, through Nils Peter Sieger, contact could be made between Adela de Royo, the Panamanian First Lady at the time, and SOS-Kinderdorf International. The aim was to realise an SOS Children’s Village as a model for the long-term care of orphaned children in this country too. Heinrich Müller was the SOS-Kinderdorf International representative, who took on this task with the co-operation of representatives from the state family welfare institution (DINFA).

Through the support of a group of local and foreign people, who were impressed with Hermann Gmeiner’s idea, it was possible to found the National SOS Children’s Village Association in 1981. It was already possible to start construction of the first SOS Children’s Village, on the north-western edge of the capital, Panama City in the same year. It was built on one of the first pieces of land that had been returned to Panama as part of the Torrijos-Carter-Agreement (1977), an agreement made between the USA and Panama to regulate sovereignty of the Panama Canal and the land around it. Hermann Gmeiner officially opened the SOS Children’s Village on April 20th, 1982, the same day it went into operation.

In the mid-1980s, the country suffered an economic crisis brought about by the political situation and the escalating conflict with their most important trading partner, the USA. In order to earn enough money to feed their families, more and more couples were finding that both of them had to go to work. Single mothers had to move to the cities to find work. The children and youths suffered under these conditions, as they often had nobody to care for them properly or even had to be left behind. SOS Children’s Villages reacted to this situation, which is still the same today, by building more SOS Children’s Villages and additional facilities over the decades.
As part of the 10th Ibero-American summit meeting in Panama City, numerous First Ladies and Prime minister’s wives visited the SOS Children’s Village there on November 18th, 2000. This much-publicised visit allowed the guests, including then-Panama’s President, Mireya Moscoso and Queen Sofia of Spain, to show their commitment for tomorrow’s generation and their appreciation of the SOS Children’s Village work.

At present there are in Panama three SOS Children’s Villages, three SOS Youth Facilities and one SOS Vocational Training Centre.


Asociación Aldeas Infantiles SOS de Panamá
Camino Real de Bethania 604
Panamá City
El Dorado

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