Digital Signage

High Impact Digital Signs

Nowadays, every modern, innovative and forward-thinking retailor understands that Digital Signage needs to be a part of an overall market strategy.

Screaming Color provides a wide array of digital display solutions, from custom-made HPP merchandisers and interactive display totems, to oversize, last generation LED walls.

Our digital signage specialist team assist retailers by defining a specific system design, assess its components and propose a solution designed to provide the highest communication returns in branding, merchandising, location ambiance and vitality.

Once deployed, our team will continue to support and maintain each customer’s networks and content management strategy according to their business model. Our recurring maintenance and support services aim to provide marketing teams the peace of mind to fully optimize communications of their brands and calls to action.

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Customers are often frustrated while being forced to stand in long queues, search for products or verify prices and availability. There is a huge potential to capture lost opportunities by making the shopping experience more efficient and satisfying.

Our development team can help you create an immersive in-store experience, maximizing cross sells, upsells and impulse buys by quickly adapting and deploying content in real time. Contact us at 305-592-7858 and discuss your project with our digital signage specialists.

Content Development

Relevant, regular, dynamic and engaging content is imperative in digital signage and digital media networks.

Messages must come across efficiently, effectively and in a manner well received by the potential user.

We provide a variety of content management services such as animated graphics development, video editing, 3-D modeling, image mapping and ongoing content management services.

While big budgets, live shots and full productions aren’t quite necessary for digital signage in general, digital signage project managers must estimate and allocate proper resources to manage network content for at least a year.

Our design team is available to assist in the determination of a coherent yearly budget, analyzing content sources, shelf life, frequency and your existing asset library.
As a Digital Signage integrator providing and managing a variety of solutions, Screaming Color is pleased to serve as a trusted distributor of screens and components for your projects. We will gladly participate on your ‘wants’, ‘needs’ and ‘nice-to-have’ brainstorming process and propose efficient, relevant and cost effective hardware options to meet your network objectives.