It’s time for your business to measure in real-time

Gather Intelligent Data for your Marketing Team

Analytics remove the guesswork from historical & statistical data and inaccurate metrics. Now you can get unprecedented real-time insight into your OOH portfolio to drive better ROI, planning & engagement.

Connect your physical world to the online grid and Optimize store layout for performance.

Use Analytics technology to optimize the layout of your store based on foot-traffic, peak times and more. Marketing solutions that meets your specific enterprise needs!

  • Determine viewer demographics.
  • Get a deeper and richer understanding of customer behavior.
  • Optimize signage content of store layout.

Customer Flow Management

Know your audience, measure and monetize screens

Is the on-screen content meaningful?
Is the experience relevant?


Get up to the minute data on who’s viewing your ads


See what time of day and location work best for your campaigns


Create campaigns that truly meet your target audience’s needs


Track performance based on location and high traffic areas

Dwell Time

Measure the level of engagement of your campaigns

Asset Tracking

Keep track of your offline assets like never before

Privacy Concerns

Analytics capture images, analyzes them and immediately destroy them to preserve privacy. Only analytical data is stored, and displayed on the control panel in real time.

We can help improve your business performance as well as the customer experience

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